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Sharpen your vision, protect your eyes, and enjoy comfortable and perfectly-fitted glasses or contact lenses with Luxor Optical. We’re committed to providing you with a wide selection of unique lenses, frames and contacts from leading brands, available at affordable prices. We’ll help you find, select and fit the perfect glasses and contact lenses in Calgary. Visit us today!

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What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting in Calgary

Eye Measurement

To ensure that your contact lenses fit comfortably while improving your vision, we will take measurements of your eyes. These include your eyes’ curve and diameter, your pupil and iris, and your cornea.

Cornea Health Evaluation

We will carefully assess your cornea’s health (the white part of the eyes) by measuring your cornea’s curvature and detecting any scratches, unusual shapes or other issues that could impact the effect of your contact lenses.


After your measurement and evaluation, we will offer you recommendations on the ideal contact lens material, design and shape. We offer training for do’s and don’ts about inserting, removing and looking after your contact lenses.


The average cost of new glasses can start from as low as $200 to as much as $500, depending on the types of lenses you need and the frames you choose. Regardless of your choice, we’re committed to offering you deals.

It varies depending on the types of lenses you select. We can provide you with an estimate when you come into our store. We promise that our contact lenses are competitively priced.

Contact lens fittings start from $40. In some cases, your fittings might be covered by insurance. It will depend on your policy and plan.

Insurance will cover your glasses or contact lenses in most cases, but it will depend on your policy. We accept all insurance and offer direct billing if needed. We will also try to fit the purchase into your insurance policy to get the best value possible.

It can take anywhere between one to 10 days to get your glasses back from our manufacturing lab. We will notify you once your glasses come into our store.

Look for frames in shapes and colours that complement your face’s unique shape, skin tone, hair colour, eyes and nose. We can help you find and select glasses that fit your special facial features.