Direct Billing & Insurance

Save Time & Money

Maximize your vision benefits and experience the joys of direct billing with Luxor Optical. We make paying for your glasses or eye exams easy by doing the work for you. Our direct billing optometrist in Calgary will handle your insurance claims and company, saving you time and money while getting the most out of your benefits. 

We Offer Direct Billing to All Major & Private Insurance Companies

Easy Billing

Our advanced insurance system allows us to store your insurance information and easily submit claims on your behalf anytime.

Fast Payment

We’ll sort out all your out-of-pocket payments quickly and effectively, so you get your savings back before you know it.

Great Service

We want you to use your vision benefits, so we'll try to fit your purchase into your plan without the stress.

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What to Expect From a Direct Billing Optometrist in Calgary

Book an Appointment

We make visiting an optometrist easy! Simply click on the “Book Now” button, and you’ll be directed to our online booking system. You can also contact us at (403) 452-2221 or walk-in if you are nearby!

Present Your Insurance

Be sure to provide us with your insurance details, including your insurer, the name of the plan under which you are covered, and your I.D. number. Our optometrist can check your coverage and submit your claim.

Pay the Remainder (If Any)

After the claim has been submitted, the insurer will send an invoice detailing how much of the cost your plan will cover. We’ll try to maximize your benefits, but you may have to pay for the remaining difference.

Direct billing involves an electronic transaction between your eye care professional (Luxor Optical) and your insurance provider. We will submit a vision claim electronically to your insurance company with the total cost of the services and products. Your insurer will then cover the costs based on your individual policy. Depending on your policy, you might receive total coverage for your services or products or pay the remaining difference.

It all depends on the type of vision insurance you have. In basic policies, you will typically be covered for the cost of an annual eye exam and prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. More comprehensive plans might include coverage for specialty items, such as progressive lenses, eyeglass coatings, and correction surgery. It’s best to review your insurance plan to see what coverage you will receive.

Your insurance policy renews on an annual basis, usually one year from the coverage start date. However, depending on what you’ve used your insurance on, you might not have coverage for it for the following year. For example, new glasses coverage might only be accessible every two years. It’s best to review your insurance annually.
We can handle direct billing for all major Canadian insurance companies, including Manulife, Sun Life, Blue Cross, GreatWest Life and Desjardins. If you are unsure if we can process your claims, please contact or visit our clinic to enquire.